Please select your session duration and available time to book your next babysitting session in Moab!

Our Minimums

We have a 4 hour minimum in day time and a 2 hour minimum after 6 pm. Our day minimum is designed to encourage some well-deserved R&R, but also so that the babysitter has enough time to create a mini adventure for the kids. Our 2 hour minimum at night is designed to provide enough time for a date night. It’s a win-win for the family!

Start Times

We have specific times available for booking. The morning sessions are designed to start before the heat gets too intense for certain activities. Please select a time that best fits your personal needs. The times are designed to be flexible, but also to meet the needs of all the families looking for vacation care.

Session Duration

If you book for longer than 4 hours, you are welcome to return an hour before your scheduled time with no cost consequence. However, if you book 7 hours and come back at 5 hours, we will still bill for 6 hours. This is because we want to do right by our dedicated babysitters. They are the best and most dedicated people in town and we want them to know that their time is valued!

Instant Booking

The available time slots can be booked instantly, however, if you are looking to book a time slot that is not available in our calendar please give us a call at 720.212.6328 and we will check to see if we have a way of accommodating additional requests at that time.


We do ask that you please only book when you are fairly certain that you will need our services. We don’t charge cancellation fees because we don’t want to take your hard earned money for no reason. If you do need to cancel, please do it as soon as possible so that we can open up the time slot to another family.


Payment for the 4 or 2 hour minimum will be collected by phone and by credit card 24 hours prior to the start of your session by one of our staff. The remaining portion will be automatically applied to the same credit card at the end of the session.


Before selecting the service, please read through and familiarize yourself with our disclaimer. You will be asked to sign off on it at the time of the reservation. Please keep in mind that we take safety very seriously and we will always work with you to plan our activities around the children’s abilities and environment to reduce the risk of any injury.

I, Parent/Guardian, of the child/children listed on the reservation am leaving my child/children with the Moab Kids Club Vacation Babysitting service and hereby release and waive against all claim of Moab Kids Club, its agents, employees, volunteers, representatives, officers, directors, from injuries, damages arising from injuries relating to my child’s/children’s participation in the babysitting service. I further agree to indemnify, save and hold Indemnities harmless from any loss, liability, attorney fees, medical bills, damage or cost that they (or any of them) may incur out of or related to the babysitting services offered by the Moab Kids Club. In the case of a medical emergency or behavioral issue, I understand that the babysitting service will act on my behalf if attempts have been made to contact me and I wasn’t available.

I acknowledge that by typing my name in the “Please Type Your Name to Electronically Sign The Waiver” field of the reservation form I am providing my electronic signature which is a legal representation of my intent to release and waive against all claim of Moab Kids Club as stated above.