Our Favorite Kid Gear

Don’t leave home without these kid essentials:


A Carrier With a Shade Structure – it gets super hot in Moab and if you’re planning on hiking with the little ones in a backpack, you will need one with a shade structure.

Water Shoes – if you’re doing it right, your Moab vacation will involve splashing in a stream or the river. Water shoes are essential for any summer activity in Moab.

O2 Cool Water bottle – this water bottle is an essential tool for staying cool in the hot summer months. In addition to the spout it has a spray so the kids can wet their necks and faces and create natural air conditioning.

Cameback – in addition to a water bottle, a camelback provides instant access to water which is essential on longer hikes or bike rides.

Hats – your kid needs a hat. It’s an instant shade in the middle of the desert!

Sunscreen – the best sunscreens for kids are the ones that provide a physical barrier instead of a chemical one. Babyganics is one of those brands that you can trust to keep your kids’ noses white!